Navodyami builds an ecosystem for enterpruneruship to thrive at the bottom of pyramid.

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Initiated in 2011, the Navodyami program helps to make micro-entrepreneurship a viable proposition as a livelihood. It enables budding individuals to create their own niche and build a sustainable enterprise. Navodyami has worked with over 3000 micro-entrepreneurs.

How Do We Make It Work?

Navodyami program works to make micro-entrepreneurship a viable proposition as a livelihood. Currently, challenges of a micro-entrepreneur venturing into an enterprise are far too many. Often times meager sources of income, few assets, simultaneous pressure of supporting family while stabilizing an enterprise and absence of guidance makes 'risk taking' for micro-entrepreneurs much more difficult than for a large entrepreneur.

Navodyami Program takes on these challenges and creates an enabling condition for those who like to turn their ideas into action. Through training, mentor ship we attract the new innovators and entrepreneurs who are passionate about their enterprise but are being held back for reasons of inadequate financial and mentorship support. Navodyami is an innovative program, started in 2011 and geared to create, support and scale micro-entrepreneurship at the bottom of the pyramid.

Become a Navodyami

The Navodyami program offers mentorship, assistance and support for small entrepreneurs who have unique products but may not have the necessary means to make their business thrive. With Navodyami mentor's help, micro- entrepreneurs grow their business. We are accepting the applications for Navodyami training program; we aim to encourage the growth of micro entrepreneurs within Telangana region.The Program is seeking innovative ideas that can be turned into successful enterprise.

The business should operate in one or more of the five districts of Nizambad, Medak, Karimnagar.
The business should be environment friendly and follow ethical practices.
The business must have the scope of becoming viable in the foreseeable future.
Entrepreneurs should be between the ages of 20 yrs to 45 yrs to be eligible to apply for training.
Only businesses which are less than 10 years old and with a turnover of 1 to 5 lakh a month can apply.

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For More Details call to our Helpline number - 040-395-94404

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