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'Nalgonda Sandbox' was established by Komatireddy Pratheek Foundation in collaboration with the Deshpande Foundation in May 2016 in Nalgonda district with the motto of empowering students, youth, farmers and small businesses through entrepreneurship and innovation programs.

The Nalgonda district of Telangana faces many developmental hurdles, and has much room for growth in agriculture, skill development and mirco-entrepreneurship. The Sandbox aims to bridge these gaps, and was inspired by the Deshpande Foundation's Sandbox in Hubballi. Focusing on the grassroots creation of scalable solutions, the Nalgonda Sandbox works to create a district-wide network of collaboration in entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability.

The Sandbox works across sectors with not-for-profits, academics, non-governmental organizations and entrepreneurs to launch effective and scalable models of development. It empowers communities by facilitating youth leadership, skill acquisition, career training, sustainable agriculture and eradicating child malnutrition. Together these programs are creating an ecosystem of problem solvers crafting effective, scalable and relevant solutions.

What is Sandbox Approach?

A Sandbox aims to nurture grassroots social innovation. In this model social challenges are not addressed unilaterally, but instead by a network concentrated in a particular geographic area in which synergies and collaborations are utilized to best create sustainable solutions. Partners receive financial resources, strategic support, and encouragement to streamline and scale their solutions for enhanced impact. Sandboxes become living laboratories for a diverse range of entrepreneurs and development practitioners.

These individuals and organizations get their ideas tested, strengthened and scaled in order to create lasting systemic change. We are proud to boast of some remarkable partnerships in the Sandbox that have evolved into exemplary successes, and we continue to support leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators who can focus and develop solutions to community challenges.

Sandbox Approach

Managerial Team

M V. Gona Reddy

Cheif Executive Officer, Nalgonda Sandbox

Maram Venkat Gona Reddy is the Cheif Executive Officer of Nalgonda Sandbox. He uses his extensive experience in education and research to champion innovation and..Read more

Annie Vijaya

Senior Manager, Partnerships

Annie is associated with Deshpande Foundation since 2008. A taskmaster, Annie has been instrumental in setting up the HR department, LEAD program ..Read more

Vamshi krishna

Vamshi is associated with Deshpande Foundation since 2017. I have participated in 2017 LEAD Prayana and influenced allot in community development..Read more

Mahesh Biyyani

Mahesh is associated with Deshpande Foundation since 2017. Mahesh is very focused and passionate towards working on the issues facing by famers, , he would like to be part of ..Read more

Nagesh Damera

Nagesh is associated with Deshpande Foundation since 2016. Nagesh is very affective trainer he loves to teach Hands on experiment techniques..Read more

Veeresh Pani

Veeresh Pani leads DETs activities at Nizamabad in Telangana state, managing 6 DET programs, including outreaching, training, marketing, Planning and Strategy making..Read more

Bhanu Chandra

Enhancing English and communication skill to rural government high school students working in Nalgonda sandbox Skill in village program in charge in Nalgonda " since I joined the..Read more

Regula Bhagyasri

Regula Bhagyasri is associated with Deshpande Foundation since 2016. she is from peddappally district she has completed fellowship program in ..Read more

Ram Srinivas

Ram Srinivas is associated with Deshpande Foundation since 2016. He has 10 years’ Experience in various platforms like teaching and in Nirmaan ..Read more

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